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Stretch Gun

$1,012.00 / On Sale

"Sleek. Purpose built. Inspiring"

- Parabolic rocker with slightly accelerated tail rocker

- Reverse vee bottom contours cut through chop and reduce surface stiction at speed

- Refined rail profile with foiled tail provides control and responsiveness

- Curvy and ample outline for versatility, confidence and predictability

Recommended to be ridden with even sized Stretch template fins 3.75” to 4.0” with symmetrical quad rear pair.

Offered in sub-8’ lengths to 10’+, the Stretch Gun is optimum in the 9’0”-10’0” range and typically 20.25”-20.5” wide and 3.4” +/- thick.

CFT gun construction with high density EPS Marko foam cores or PU gun density blanks with 3/8” to ½” stringers and heavy glassing are the norm.

2.5pcf density Marko foam EPS with 3/8” bass stringer in the 8-foot lengths offer optimum weight for heavy water conditions and flex damping with durability for travel and transport.

Larger guns near the 10-foot mark still utilize the double deck, double bottom 6oz. RWG glassing schedule but are offered in either gun density polyurethane core with epoxy lamination or high density Marko foam EPS with 3/8” 7-ply laminate stringers.

flat rate oversized shipping is included upon checkout. boards can be combined for freight service, air cargo or factory WILL CALL pick up.

"Want to make it your own?"

order a new custom board with 3-5 week turnaround time*

$650 = SURF STANDARD (polyester resin glassing over polyurethane shaped core)
$750 = EPS/EPOXY (2.0pcf Marko foam core glassed with EPOXY resin)
$830 = CFT (eps/epoxy with deck channels, bamboo stringer, bias weave S-glass)
$1190 = LEGACY (CFT with cork deck/rails and bamboo bottom)

quad = $16
5-fin = $27

single color = $40
2-color = $60
custom = $75 and up
abstract color lamination = $180

carbon or kevlar tail = $30
full wrap carbon rails = $90

sk8 deck concave profile = $20
deck channels = $60

6'6" to 7'0" = $45
7'1" to 8'0" = $75
8'1" to 8'11" = $125
9'0" to 9'11" = $200
10'0" to 10'11" = $300

adjust/swap cloth layers, stringer, resin type (epoxy over PU core only), logo placement, customize artwork, tail template, custom order fins, etc….

contact orders@stretchboards.com to place your custom board order today!

* fin upgrades available from Futures and FCS as well as custom hand foiled fiberglass from Fins Unlimited

* Applicable CA sales tax and domestic flat rate shipping not included.

Board is available for pick up from factory in Santa Cruz, or inquire about special shipping needs.

Shipping via FedEx Ground or FedEx home delivery:
$180.00 Flat Rate for United States

Shipping to Hawaii or Alaska and international addresses available. Please inquire for best rates.

Local pick up = no charge shipping! Enter promo code: WILLCALL at check out.

* production turnaround time is approximate. Production scheduling, material availability, custom artwork, acts of God and out of scope incidences may alter actual completion date.