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Stretch ST-2 HC/CARBON 4.5"/4.125" convertible 5-fin set by Futures Fins


Stretch ST-2 HC Carbon 4.5"/4.125" | Thruster + Quad Fin Set | Medium

The ST-2 Futures HC Carbon set is available exclusively through Stretch Boards


12k plain weave carbon at base to 35% of leading edge
Navy Blue HC honeycomb resin core
Deep aqua Stretch logo print
Black + White Pinstripe accents
Matte Finish

New for 2016 is the same ST-2 fin template with a carbon base to allow for a more whippy and progressive tip flex compared to standard HC construction. Combined with Stretch's custom cambered foil, cross sections, aspect ratio and second generation template design, the ST-2 just got supercharged!


Fronts and Center Fin
Height: 4.43"
Base: 4.38"
Area: 14.59 sq"

Quad Rear Fin
Height: 4.12"
Base: 4.09"
Area: 12.70 sq"

Recommended for:
Intermediate to Advanced Surfers
between 145lbs-195lbs

Ideal for:
Chest to Overhead Waves

PRICE: $140 for complete packaged set.
(California State Sales Tax Not Included)

Flat rate USPS priority mail shipping = $6.85 within contiguous United States!

*Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and all international shipping available. Please inquire for rates.

*** PLEASE NOTE: quad rear pair fins are symmetrically foiled and can appear to be deceptively understated. THE QUAD REARS CANT OUTWARD TOWARDS THE RAIL. Though difficult to see at first glance, that 2º cant away from each other makes a huge difference. Please check quad rear fin orientation before getting your slash on! ***

The ST-2 5-fin set was hand foiled and custom made by Stretch himself to ensure a unique, unrivaled sensation to compliment his custom shapes.
Utilizing an extensive background of hydrodynamic theories, decades of research and development, and collaboration with the industry's most noteworthy fin designers, Stretch designed the ST-2 fin beyond industry standard.

Designed in close collaboration with Nathan Fletcher, this template will allow you to surf your quad more vertical and with more drawn out characteristics due to it's pulled back rake and slightly thinner tip area. *compared to the original stretch fin template

This iteration of Stretch's efficient high aspect ratio fin template is a remarkably versatile fin for both performance quads and tri fins.
Matched up with either your daily driver thruster or step up quad, this fin will provide drive, hold, and predictable release in waves chest high to well overhead.

The Stretch ST-2 - 5-Fin Set in Honey Comb construction with Truss Base gives you a lightweight, durable, and sleek fin which provides a predictable flex pattern, solid connection to your board, and adds a sensation of even projection through turns when pushed hard.