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Futures Custom Stretch TWIN-FIN template/ + Trailer


Stretch S2 Twin Fin Pair

Stretch S1 Twin Fin Set from Futures

5.5" stretch template
Matte Finish

  • Full tip, high aspect ratio design provides remarkable fin efficiency in broader wave conditions while retaining a loose yet powerful drive sensation.
  • Uniquely designed custom cambered (inside foil) offers optimized pressure system dynamics for productive flow and release
  • Tip area utilizes neutral foil allowing water and energy to “load up and twist off” allowing predictable projection and positive drive
  • Iconic beak tip with leading and trailing edge intersections allows for more consistent fluidity along full span to reduce turbulent build up and provide control in waves from slow to “oh shit!” speeds.
  • Stretch’s unconventional use of modified NACA foils to increase range of angle of attack exclusive to the dynamic characteristics of ever changing surf conditions (board sizes, hull designs, rider styles, wave types, etc…)

About Stretch Fins
Surfboards arguably aren’t much without fins and surfboard designs aren’t necessarily working at their optimum without the proper fin set. Stretch pulled from an extensive catalog of personal and acquired resources of over 30 years to develop his signature fin. Gathering knowledge from NASA, sailing, windsurfing, biomimicry and collaborating with the likes of Curtis Hesselgrave and the world’s most influential surfers in waves that are rated “fun” to “scary” are things that most other shapers don’t attain when designing a signature fin. Access to aeronautical research into quantified airfoil data and an extensive background in composite manufacturing, fluid dynamics and just plain wanting to get rad in the ocean are attributes that only make one appreciate that Stretch’s custom fin design is something special.

Surfboard and fin design is decidedly a “Black Art”. Successful surfboard and fin designs take innate talent, hard work and an eclectic blend of science, empirical development, black magic and direct team participation. Over Stretch’s decades as leading rider and shaper he has developed his signature method of design and development which is key to all of his creations. Stretch has a solid understanding of aeronautic and hydrodynamic design demonstrated by his use of modified NACA foils on his fins. NACA is THE fundamental and conventional source of data which is used to fundamentally inform Stretch’s fin designs. The Black magic Stretch has applied to modify fin foils , flex and outline shapes to meet the demands of high performance surfing, pushes the intellectual envelope while delivering the high performance “goods”.

Unique to Stretch’s signature fin is a full tip in a relatively high aspect ratio design. The unique inside foil is meant to increase flow efficiency and drive by aiding in reducing drag. Both the front set and the rear quad pair feature a leading edge design modeled heavily off the NACA 64A series foil which translates into more efficient angle of attack and pressure system dynamics for better fluidity and release.

All of Stretch’s fin templates feature the trailing edge with the iconic beak tip which allows water flow along the full span of the leading edge to release cleanly reducing the chance of turbulent flow and a tracky or skitterish feeling when pushed hard yet still retaining the sensation of a free and pivotal feel.

Stretch designed the cambered (inside foil) characteristics to taper to zero with respect to chord length along the fin span in order to allow the tip to retain a neutral foil allowing the water and energy to “load up and twist off” of the lively tip area allowing predictable projection and positive drive.

Stretch fins feature design elements like full tips, beaked leading and trailing edge intersections and singular inside foil cambers.
These elements have been developed and refined over decades through endless iteration testing by the world’s best surfers in every set of conditions imaginable.
The result is a set of fins which flawlessly integrate all the essential elements. Stretch fin’s flexural pattern and amplitude, weight, area, pressure distribution, range of angle of attack, materials and esthetics represent a supremely evolved, essential element of high performance surfing.
From hairball, death defying tow-ins, to world class contests, to the local beach break, you can be assured Stretch’s fins have “been there done that” AND proven their mettle.

If you are accelerating for an aerial or trying to land one, tube stalling, going vertical, or just plain old trying to out run a section, your fins must do it all and do it well. Your fins are where the rubber hits the road and Stretch’s design work on fins is a pivotal departure from convention. Stretch’s understanding and long experience has resulted in a set of fins for every application in surfing.

*It’s important to note that custom fins made by Fins Unlimited are not catalog item production fins made in some factory in a land far away but by surfers who care about having the best fins possible.