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Smart Leash Co. products


Increasing consumerism for "disposable" goods is an issue we all face. Being able to extend the life of something as simple as a leash is just one easy way to reduce what goes into the landfill.

Smart Leash Co. helps with providing the highest quality leashes that use interchangeable cuffs, cords and rail savers so that you only replace the part you need instead of throwing away the entire leash.

We as surfers are prone to fin cuts, sketchy rock crawls, barnacles, reef and various voracious beings. Do you like a low profile ankle cuff but want a thicker cord? Want a bigger size cuff for your combined 11mm of neoprene around your ankle and bootie but don't want a super thick cord? Custom combinations can be made via the assorted sizes of cords and cuffs available individually for sale.

~ 3/32" hex grub screws that are 100% compatible with fin keys worldwide

~ stainless steel double swivels on all complete leashes

~ the highest grade urethane for maximum strength, flexibility and durability

~ super strong hook and loop fastening (eg Velcro) for trusted strength and reliability

~ minimal packaging with no hard kinks = less waste and ready to surf without "break in period"

~ leash tie built in to rail saver = no need to find an extra cord or cut your shoe lace!

By swapping out broken parts of your old leashes with new Smart Leash Co premium parts, you are not only giving your leash extra life, but you are saving money and reducing landfill.

available sizes for complete leashes:

"small" = 6' x 5.5mm

"medium" = 6' x 7mm

"large" 8' x 8mm

"XL/GUN" 10' x 8mm

"LONGBOARD" 9' x 7mm