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Fins Unlimited STRETCH GUN S2 quad set


Continuing on the legacy of the original Stretch fin, the #2 template (available as ST-2 in Futures HC construction 5-fin set) is now offered in custom hand-foiled fiberglass and brings a different flavor to the palette.
A slightly wider base, additional rake and narrower tip area provide a playful release, more drawn out arcs and predictable hold.
Combined with the unrivaled flex pattern and classic feel of fiberglass the FU#2 Stretch template from Fins Unlimited is unbeatable.
Featuring Stretch’s iconic beak tip and custom designed inside foil, the #2 is a highly efficient fin that gives up a bit of the pivotal aspects of the original 4.375” Stretch template in lieu of bringing your performance Quad or Tri to life in vertical hook surfing and gaining more confident slides in critical sections when pushed off the tail.
The #2 template will provide a very broad user range in average to excellent wave conditions while mounted into your daily driver Tri or Step-Up Quad, and is available in a variety of colors and sizes from Fins Unlimited.

Each fiberglass fin set is custom made and individually hand foiled in-house in Encinitas, CA.

Stock sizes are 4.5” for Tri sets while both 5-fin and quad sets include 4.125” symmetrically foiled rear pair.
Sizes available from grom spec’d 4.25” on up to bigger guy 4.625”.

Additional Notes:
  • All Fins Unlimited fiberglass fins are sourced, designed, manufactured, tested and sold exclusively through Stretch Boards.
  • Please ask about color availability and stock as each set is limited.
  • Also available are G-10 options for Guns and Tow-In boards
  • Currently available in FCS dual tab and Future bases
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • *It’s important to note that custom fins made by Fins Unlimited are not catalog item production fins made in some factory in a land far away but by surfers who care about having the best fins possible.