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G-Buzz Sk8

$975.00 / Sold Out

G-Buzz Sk8

Small wave HUSTLA!!!!

G-BUZZ features a straighter centerline and deeper single concave to provide a flatter rocker and fuller foil than Super Buzz to give that extra boost of planing speed and paddle power in waves lacking much size or power. The addition of the skatedeck profile adds some zest to low speed maneuvers.

Having a wide yet curvy tail outline combined with Buzz series bottom contours and a 5-fin convertible fin configuration make actual surfing in crap waves something of a reality to those who think that groveling is restricted to going straight on a big slow board.

If you’re in need of getting wet and looking to throw a few hacks in some weak waves then the G-buzz SK8 is your answer. Don’t hate!

• It’s not a fish, it’s not a hull, it’s not a bastardized super buzz. It’s a bitch slap to that gutless wave’s face!
• CFT std with Vector Net Tail Patch
• Performance groveler allows more control in sloppy surf so you can do more than just go straight.
• Vengeance for when the ocean wants to make fun of you
• Features “Buzz Series” bottom contours with straighter centerline and deeper single concave
• Skate Deck concave profile for increased connectivity and enhanced response in low speed and weaker wave conditions
• Compared to Super Buzz = narrower tail block, thicker foil, flatter rocker, more planning efficiency
• Futures 5-Fin Convertable Fin System
• Order ¼” thinner than your normal daily driver! (concave Sk8 deck adds volume)
• Available in clear

Price: $ (does not include fins)

stock sizes available:

5’6” x 20” x 2.1” vol. 30.7L nose: 15.43” tail: 16.31” TB: 7.35”
5’7” x 20.25” x 2.15” vol. 31.4L nose: 15.68” tail: 16.46” TB: 7.43”
5’8” x 21.35” x 2.5” vol. 40.1L nose: 16.25” tail: 17.24” TB: 7.84”
5’9” x 22.15” x 2.7” vol. 45.6L nose: 16.75” tail: 17.80” TB: 8.13”

recommended fins:
- Recommended fin set = Buzz template 4.875” with included 3.875” rear pair*
- *can also be substituted with optional 4.0” or 4.125” quad rears.
- Additional options depending on rider preference include: Buzz template 5.125” for and even a nubster!

2021 stock AO board inventory custom board order price guide:

"Want to make it your own?"

order a new custom board with 6-8 week turnaround time*

$865 = EPS/EPOXY (2.1pcf Marko foam core glassed with EPOXY resin)
$975 = CFT (eps/epoxy with deck channels, bamboo stringer, bias weave S-glass)
$975 = SLT (eps/epoxy with deck channels, Stringer-less with 4oz. direct sized RWG E-glass deck and bottom and bias weave S-glass deck and bottom
$1025 = DFT (eps/epoxy with deck channels, vacuum bagged bamboo inlay stringer, bias weave S-glass)
$1550 = LEGACY (CFT with cork deck/rails and bamboo bottom)

quad = $20
5-fin = $30

single color = $50
2-color = $60
custom = $75 and up
abstract color lamination = $180

adjust/swap cloth layers, stringer, resin type (epoxy over PU core only), logo placement, customize artwork, tail template, custom order fins, etc….

contact [email protected] to place your custom board order today!

* fin upgrades available from Futures and FCS as well as custom hand foiled fiberglass from Fins Unlimited

* Applicable CA sales tax and domestic flat rate shipping not included.

Board is available for pick up from factory in Santa Cruz, or inquire about special shipping needs.

Shipping via FedEx Ground or FedEx home delivery:

Shipping to Hawaii or Alaska and international addresses available. Please inquire for best rates.

Local pick up = no charge shipping! Enter promo code: WILLCALL at check out.

* production turnaround time is approximate. Production scheduling, material availability, custom artwork, acts of God and out of scope incidences may alter actual completion date.