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CFT pint glass


Impress your friends. Start a conversation with your distant family members during holiday gatherings. Become more attractive to the opposite sex.

A slick pint glass filled with your choice of refreshing beverage is something that we feel is pretty awesome. When someone asks you, "What's CFT all about?" you can simply reply back, "It's a super awesome exclusive construction method for building rad custom surfboards in Santa Cruz!" Or you can tell them to just read the glass and put 2 and 2 together....... You could geek out and explain the superb structural, mechanical and sustainability aspects involved in a domestically produced and individually crafted surfboard from our santa cruz factory using only epoxy resin..... or not. I'm not going to advise you on how not to be socially awkward. Maybe i had too many refreshing beverages writing this product description........ someone's got to test the products we sell!

Limited edition 16oz. hefty pint glass with CFT 3 color print on one side and Stretch warp logo on the opposite side. Made in USA.

$16/each includes domestic shipping and Brenden will pack it super carefully so fedex doesn't smash it upon transit. Discount rates when ordering 2 or more! Inquire for shipping rates on multiple quantities. Limited supply so don't lag!