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USED DFT Fish Stick 5'8 x 19 x 2.45


USED Fish Stick 5'8 x 19 x 2.45

Concept design made by Stretch for Darshan Gooch. Mixing a performance shortboard with a vintage full beaked nose. The board has the rocker of a Quadfish and a deep double like the Buzzsaw with Vee out the tail. The Fish Stick!!!

Vol: 31.3L.

DFT std construction:
2.1pcf marko foam
6oz. RWG + 4oz. bias weave S-glass / 4oz. bias weave S-glass / 6oz. RWG

futures ILT white 5-fin boxes

fins not included

condition 9/10

DFT std. $985
Carbon tail $30
5-fin install $27

board sub-total = $1,042.00

USED = $650/OBO